About ServerBite

About ServerBiteSo, who are we?

We’re geeks who appreciate the good things in life. Just like you. We’re talking about Windows Server 2008, many different Linux flavors, free firewalls, a solid platform providing a rock solid service and a speedy customer support department. And we must not forget that we want Real Virtual Servers which means no Virtuozzo or other container / wannabe and oversold virtualization platforms. When all this is covered we also enjoy low prices. Actually, it wouldn’t hurt to get the lowest prices available.

That’s why we made it our mission to create a virtual private server host to give you all this.

No, we didn’t show up from nowhere. We’re not one of the many hosts operating out of someone’s bedroom and our data center is not a walk in closet.

We are Webhuset. A Norwegian webhosting company dating back to 1998. We own and operate our own data centers.

Our main office is located in Bergen, Norway. Be sure to drop by if you happen to be in our neighborhood!

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Webhuset AS
Torgallmenningen 10
5014 Bergen

Reg.nr NO 981532848 MVA