Why Choose VPS Hosting on a Cloud Server?

The process of choosing the right type of hosting for your organization can be time consuming and sometimes complex. When you finally decide you need a virtual private server (VPS hosting) plan, it is not unusual to be relieved when you finally decide to place your order. But did you know VPS hosting services can be deployed in many different ways?

At ServerBite, we use real virtualization to create genuine virtual machines, never inferior container models that can affect performance and stability. But perhaps the most impressive thing about ServerBite is that we provide cloud VPS hosting, using a cloud infrastructure to deliver the best possible performance, scalability, and dependability for your hosting plan.

Read on to learn how choosing a cloud VPS hosting plan can help you grow your business confidently and give your users and visitors the experience they expect.

Cloud VPS hosting is scalable

Whatever your virtual server requirements are today, they will change over time. Often, you need more hardware power quickly, or you may need to reduce the power of your server to lower your costs. If you choose a VPS located on a hardware server that is filled with other accounts, scaling your resources may not be possible.

With cloud VPS hosting, large quantities of hardware power are pooled together. Multiple hardware units work seamlessly, providing you with the resources you need from diverse sources. As a result, you can instantly access the RAM, CPU, and disk space you need, and do it fast.

When your traffic increases or the way you use your server changes, you can be confident that you have the power you require to handle these changes.

Cloud VPS hosting is in your control

When you need to change settings on your server, you need complete access to every feature. With your virtual machine isolated from every other account, we give you unrivaled control over every element of your VPS.

Our cloud VPS hosting includes a powerful desktop application that you can use to work with server settings and monitor your resources. You can even clone your entire server with just a few clicks, giving you the ability to expand your hardware power without starting over.

For advanced users, full console access allows you to work with your server directly on a detailed, precise level. From changing boot sequences to configuration in a command-line environment, you can confidently change your settings, knowing that you will only affect your individual VPS.

Cloud VPS hosting is consistently powerful

Finally, cloud VPS hosting offers consistent power. Shared hosting assigns hardware resources dynamically, which means that if one account on your server places additional demand on resources, your performance will suffer. Meanwhile, VPS hosting that is not cloud-based can give you an isolated account with a specific resource allocation, but servers are commonly oversold, and accessing the maximum levels of power becomes impossible.

Since a cloud VPS hosting plan draws from such a large pool of power, you can always depend on enough power being available to you whenever you need to add it to your account. You can take another slice of our hardware and – regardless of what your neighbors are doing – your server will be consistent enough to give your users and visitors ultra-fast performance.

Operating from our two data centers in Scandinavia, the ServerBite cloud VPS hosting infrastructure is highly redundant, using two redundant fiber uplinks to keep your server online. To plan for your growth and ensure that performance remains consistent as your requirements change, choose cloud VPS hosting from ServerBite.

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