Virtual Server Features

The basics of our cloud
When you need extra scalability

Desktop AppServer bites at your fingertip

With our Desktop App you have all your server bites at your fingertips. Start, stop, reboot or check the status of your servers.

The desktop app is available for Windows servers, Mac servers or Linux servers – it’s your choice.

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Clone itVirtual Server clone

Spent hours tweaking your virtual server and got it just the way you want it? Experiencing a surge in customer demand and need more virtual servers?

Clone it! Just make a clone of the virtual server you already have, hit the button and a few minutes later your new server clone is ready for you.

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Highly efficient and eco friendly Data Center

We own and operate our own data centers. There are two of them located on the west coast of Norway.

They run on free cooling almost year round – which place them among the most eco-friendly data centers in the world.

Have a look at our data center movie if you would like to learn more.

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Console Access to your server

Did you turn off the networking on your server by mistake? Maybe you disabled SSH, remote desktop or need to access the boot sequence on your server?

With our console access app you have the same access to your server as if you were sitting in front of it with a keyboard and a monitor.

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Choose Windows or Linux for your servers

Whether you’re the Windows Server 2008 and ASP.NET kind of guy or you’re more of a Linux and Apache hacker – we have the best option for you.

Why settle with only one selection when you can have it all?

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Reinstall your virtual server

Changed your mind? Or made a big boo-boo? That´s ok, no worries! Just start from scratch and reinstall your server. You can even change the operating system.

Hit the reinstall button, select your existing or a brand new operating system and we’ll have a new installation ready for you in a few seconds.

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Restart your virtual server

Restart your server from our web based control panel (, with the mobile app or the API.

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API for your servers

Our Application Programming Interface lets you connect to our platform exactly the way we do on You can create your very own control panel if you like.

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